Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology
Issue number 2
April - June 2014
Vol. 42. Num. 2.
Pages 73-138
Promoting research in paediatric anaesthesia
Piedad Cecilia Echeverry Marín
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:73-5
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Scientific and Technological Research
Factors contributing to the loss of deceased donor kidney at Fundación Surcolombiana de Trasplantes. February 2007 – November 2012, Neiva, Colombia
Jorge Cubillos Gutiérrez, Carmenza Liliana Sandoval Riveros, Ernesto Andrade Cerquera, Nelson Hamid Hermida Gutiérrez
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:83-9
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Dietary supplements and the anesthesiologist: Research results and state of the art
Silvana Franco Ruiz, Patricia González Maldonado
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:90-9
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Review articles
Post cardiac arrest syndrome
José Ricardo Navarro-Vargas, José Luis Díaz
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:107-13
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Applications of perioperative and critical care ultrasound
Julián Esteban Quintana Puerta
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:114-6
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Intraoperative fetal monitoring: The fetus as a target organ
José Ricardo Navarro-Vargas, Sandra Milena Romero Fuentes
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:117-9
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Promoting research in pediatric anesthesiology
David E. Liston, Nathalia Jimenez
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:120-3
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Clinical simulation as a tool to facilitate culture change in healthcare: Practical application of advanced learning theory
Jose M. Maestre, Jose C. Manuel-Palazuelos, Ignacio Del Moral, Robert Simon
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:124-8
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Case report
The endotracheal tube does not protect the aspiration of a foreign body in the trachea: A case report
Sanjeev Palta, Richa Saroa, Vikas Saini
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:129-31
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Herlitz epidermolysis bullosa in the paediatric patient: Anaesthetic implications
J.C. Galán Gutiérrez, M.A. Martínez Suárez, B. Tobera Noval, R. Avello Taboada
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:132-5
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Questions and answers
Questions and Answers
Fernando Raffan Sanabria
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2014;42:136-7