Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology
The fiscal cliff and opportunities for change
Catalina Ceballos-Stendall, David Walker
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:1-4
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The new challenges in pediatric anesthesia in Colombia
Piedad Cecilia Echeverry Marín
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:5-7
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Scientific and Technological Research
Adverse events in paediatric patients taken to magnetic resonance imaging under sedation or anaesthesia
Carlos Eriel Largo-Pineda, Iván Darío Arenas-Correa, Gabriel Jaime Ángel-González, Jorge Mario Vélez-Arango, Victor Daniel Calvo-Betancur, Andrés Nahúm Arango-Zapata
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:8-14
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Postoperative residual curarization at the post-anesthetic care unit of a university hospital: A cross-sectional study
Fredy Ariza, Fabian Dorado, Luis E. Enríquez, Vanessa González, Juan Manuel Gómez, Katheryne Chaparro-Mendoza, Ángela Marulanda, Diana Durán, Reinaldo Carvajal, Alex Humberto Castro-Gómez, Plauto Figueroa, Hugo Medina
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:15-21
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Safe behaviours and acceptance of the use of checklists in urban obstetric units in Colombia
Ana Carolina Amaya-Arias, María Lucero Cortés, Diana Franco, Juan David Mojica, Sully Hernández, Javier Eslava-Schmalbach
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:22-30
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Assessing the completeness of reporting of observational studies in Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology. Cross sectional study
Mary Bravo-Peña, Luis Barona-Fong, Julio Campo-López, Yeni Arroyave, José Andrés Calvache
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:31-8
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Are we meeting current recommendations for the initial management of penetrating trauma? A preliminary analysis from a Colombian institutional registry
Fredy Ariza, Beatriz Elena Sánchez, Alberto Federico García, Fernando Raffán-Sanabria, Manuel Quintana-Díaz, Jorge Humberto Mejía-Mantilla
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:39-45
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Brief Academy
Commentary on “Reflections about euthanasia in Colombia”
Álvaro Sanz-Rubiales, María Luisa del Valle
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:46-7
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Hypothermia in elective surgery: The hidden enemy
Jorge Enrique Bayter-Marín, Jorge Rubio, Arnaldo Valedón, Álvaro Andrés Macías
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:48-53
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The basic principles of anesthesia for the neonate
Lynn D. Martin
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:54-61
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New perspectives in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea–hypopnea syndrome
Edgar Cortés-Reyes, Katherine Parrado-Bermúdez, Franklin Escobar-Córdoba
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:62-71
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EssayLetter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Oscar L. Mosquera-Dussán, Daniel Botero-Rosas, Henry Oliveros
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:80
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Questions and answers
Questions and answers
Fernando Raffán-Sanabria
Rev Colomb Anestesiol 2017;45:81-2
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